Nyghtmare Released!


After 14 months and 3 days of no planning, proto WIPs, concept arts, and development. Nyghtmare The Ninth King [Fool] is officially released as a digital purchase! [Fool is a pun for "FULL GAME" and an irony in the story.]

Thank you for all the love and support! Physical carts will hopefully come soon...

so, What's new in this [Fool] build?

  • .gbc and .pocket rom files for GameBoy and Analogue Pocket users.
  • Instruction Booklet .pdf
  • Bug fixes!
  • Multiple data slots for saving and loading your campaign!
  • Cutscenes to further flesh out the vague lore!
  • In-game music player.
  • 23 minutes for a single campaign. [Speedrun time]
  • An End-Boss with a satisfying Epilogue.
  • Another "end-boss" with a "cliffhanger"?
  • and a special treat for fans of the original Classic-vania if the game is booted in a DMG Game Boy hardware.

Join Aryn and/or Blizz as they plunged themselves into the undead kingdom of Mortemire and unleash the kingdom of its Nyghtmare!


Unlock the Full Game! 4 MB
11 days ago

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