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Nyghtmare: The Ninth King is a dark-fantasy, classic-vania, action-platform game that aims to make an authentic GameBoy [COLOR] retro feel that is as close as possible to the original. [NES Castlevania and MegaMan!]

From frustrating enemy placements to nigh-impossible leaps of faith, whip your way through Mortemire's roads, meet NPCs along the way, and unleash the world from its nightmare. 

See the prequel story Nyghtmare: Grave Betrayal here, and learn what caused the Kingdom's ruin.


The forgotten Kingdom of Mortemire reappeared centuries later, seemingly out of nowhere, it was at this point that a young woman named Aryn awoke alongside the Kingdom, and surprisingly, she seemed unaffected by the unknown call.
With only an iron whip as a weapon, Aryn must make her way through the decaying streets and unravel the mystery that is the Kingdom and its calls.


  • Directional Buttons — Player Movement and Menu Navigation
  • A Button   — Jumping and Advancing Dialogue
  • B Button   — Attacking and Cancelling Selection
  • Select Button — Usage of Sub Weapon
  • Start Button — Alternative Dashing / Sliding Control
  • Down + A Button — Dashing / Sliding
  • Up Button — Interacting with Objects and NPCs
  • Up + B Button — Attack Upwards and Hooking on to a Crown


  • Classic retro "Vania" experience.
  • Playable on actual Game Boy hardware.
  • Nostalgic difficulty with a modern take on physics.
  • Automatically pick up Lantern Drops [Ammo, HP, and 1UPs]
  • [2] Two playable characters with different campaigns and endings.
  • [3] Three Save Data Slots! [No more passwords!]
  • Branching paths with different end Bosses.
  • Pet a cat, and get a random gift!


Join and hang out with our Discord server! Report bugs and get updates to future Nyghtmare content! Official Discord hangout


This project shall not exist nor be related to any non-fungible tokens ("NFT") or blockchain-related projects.

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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Action
Made withGB Studio, Aseprite, Tiled
Tags8-Bit, castlevania, Dark Fantasy, Game Boy, Game Boy ROM, gb-studio, Indie, nightmare, Retro
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any), Touchscreen


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Getting some visual glitches when getting hit or hitting enemies while playing the .pocket version on an AP, seems to do some horizontal screen tearing.


Hello. I will buy a cart when that is released. I played the demo and now I'm buying the digital version. This inspires me to create a game through GBStudio, so with that in mind, I have to support the creators of fantastic content like this. 


thank you! there are tons of awesome games made with gbs, good luck on your game dev journey


Wow - this is SIC! Congrats!!


Wow, I like the unique style! What are the exact differences between the free and paid versions? I think more people will consider buying  this game if you make this more clear.

(1 edit)

Also couldn't help noticing the sound of the game only comes out of my right speaker... Is this intentional or a bug? (I am playing the free version)

hello, the difference is pointed out in the devlog of the free and full release, and about the sounds, ive no problems in that in my end, maybe its your device? thank you for playing

Nope, I can only hear sound from 1 speaker  (right channel). Tested this on my MacBook (internal & external speakers) and Analogue Pocket (both portable & docked). All other GBC games give sound on stereo channels.

ill look into this asap. thank u for pointing it out


-fixed an unintentional bug in the free version, get the fixed rom now!


Damn, this game is awesome! Love the art, the gameplay... will play again!


I'm going to keep an eye on this one! Are there any plans for a physical release?

thank you! hoping so yeah! looking for publishers, cant do kickstarter coz its not available on my country


There are plenty around! I haven't talked to any yet myself because I don't have a game to show off but I know there are publishers that will pay royalties on units sold. Check out Ferrante Crafts and Incube8. Those are two I can think of off hand. :3


Awesome game ! a video in your honor :


Im not dead! XD lol thank you for covering the game


Hahahaha...I didn´t mean that Elvies. Thanks a lot for your game.


This is good stuff! I played the 1st level and died in the boss battle. Will come back to play more! 

thanks! Your game is great too! strong Zelda LA vibes, might wanna do a similar genre too someday! "crashing in an island, waking up in a beach" cliched the intro too


certainly one of the better gameboy studio games out there. great work, mate


Hey Elv! Its Stocke. Just played your game, its awesome! I got to level 2 and died at the boss lol. Mega classicvania gb vibes. Really loving what im seeing here, looking forward to playing again in the future! this is looking to be something really special. best of luck to you and your team!

EEEYYY!!!! Finally checked it out lol, thank you greatly! hope to see this game or some other fan vanias on stream someday, thank u man! stay tuned for what comes next 😉 😉 😉 


Played the first level and died in the middle of the second one because I was trying to rush through the pipes a bit too much! :D

I'm really digging this game. It looks really good and controls fine, although I feel the gravity is a bit too stiff. I am curious to play more of this and where all this is leading: good job on this one!


Thank you!


Amazing! I'm loving it so far. Can wait to see what updates come to this (like part 2).


wow thanks!


It’s progressing so well


:O very good!!   character moves a bit slower than i'd like though, and the gravity is very extreme. other than that its fantastic :)


good game as a Concept Keep going might play some more later. i see good potential.


thank you for the hard work


Alpha just released?!? Awesome! I love the graphics! Will see if I get time to beat this later.