The game will have bugs or glitches due to having to stop development two months before the game jam ends due to work-related reasons. But the project source may be useful as a template for a tactical espionage-like game on GB Studio. No need to credit me, though it's appreciated. Thank you.


Iron Cor - Stainless [formerly named 4444] is a tactical espionage action game, similar to Metal Gear Solid for the GameBoy Color and a submission for the GB Compo 2023 with the theme "You are the Monster". This template serves as a base for making stealth/action shooters on  GB Studio 3.1. The shooting mechanic is revamped from my game Days Without


How far are you willing to go for your nation? Follow Agent Seo as she learns who her true allies and foes are in the struggle for freedom.

  • Shooting ala Resident Evil. Hold your gun and aim!
  • Avoid your enemies by crawling through vents or avoiding their line of sight!
  • Upgrade your agent and uncover her secret identity!
  • Save your game with Vending Machines!
  • Pet the resident cat, Scratch!
  • Music and SFX by Nick Sicken [basicbones]
Move PlayerWASD / Arrow KeysDirectional Buttons
Interact With ObjectsK, X, SpacebarA Button
Aim Gun[Hold] K, X, SpacebarA Button [Hold]
Fire GunJ, ZB Button
Use KnifeJ, ZB Button

This project shall not exist nor be related to any non-fungible tokens ("NFT") or blockchain-related projects. Otherwise, you can freely edit, study and use any assets and codes in the project_source file with proper credits to me. Thank you!


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I was looking forward to playing this a lot and it didn't disappoint. Great gameplay and graphics and I loved the story bits.

aww, thanks! I am terribly sorry if this doesn't live up to your expectations though. its not a finished game by any means, but this can serve as base for more tactical stealth games in the future


But it did live up to my expectations. Felt very polished. :)

I really liked the style of the game and what I coiuld do until I get the first item in mission 2 (is the screen turning to back that long is normal?)


Nice project! I tried the web version and unfortunately ran into a couple of glitches (my character flew out of the screen after the briefing of mission 2, and once I got seen by guards there they would stay in alert once restarting the stage)

But the idea is quite nice, and I know jam games are tough to iron out totally. Looks great and have a lot of promises for sure for a GBC game!