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GameBoy Showdown 2023 Submission Themed "Friendly".

Yes, shooting zombies in a bleak setting isn't exactly "friendly" but my goal was to put the theme in the narrative and the saving/shop feature. [a friendly place in the midst of the apocalypse]. But honestly, I just wanted a reason to make the game before the ideas disappear in my brain,


Find meaning in life as Job meets a friendly stranger and survives the end of the world in this short narrative. Made with GB Studio for the GameBoy Color.

Updated the build!

  • Player Walk Speed Increased!
  • Fixed the Shotgun Shells bug!
  • Switching and Reloading can now be done with both Start/Select Buttons!
  • Multiple Endings! [Game has now 5 endings depending on your choices.]

This is a very rushed game, so expect bugs and crashes, but don't pursue them.

  Minor known bugs:

  • Switching weapons can only occur if you DRAW the pistol FIRST, HOLSTER it back, and THEN switch weapons.
  • The boss battle is a bit finicky-battle with caution.
  • Players can almost skip all dialogues when holding down and tapping the A Button simultaneously-read with caution.
Move PlayerA, D, or Left and Right KeysLeft and Right Directional Buttons
Interact with ObjectsK , Z, or Spacebar KeysA Button
Draw / Ready GunJ, X, or Ctrl KeysB Button
Recall / Holster GunJ, X, or Ctrl KeysB Button
Shoot [While Gun is Drawn]K, Z, or Spacebar KeysA Button
Reload [While Gun is Drawn]L, C, Shift Keys or I, Enter KeysSelect / Start Button [Consumes Max Ammo]
Switch Weapon [When Weapon is Recalled]L, C, Shift Keys or I, Enter KeysSelect / Start Button
Pre-made assets / Credits:

Physical Cartridges for my other GameBoy Color game Nyghtmare the Ninth King are still available HERE! 


This project shall not exist nor be related to any non-fungible tokens ("NFT") or blockchain-related projects.


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presskit.zip 6 MB
Days Without - Elvies - GBSJam [Fixed].pocket 256 kB
Days Without - Elvies - GBSJam [Fixed].gbc 256 kB
Days Without - Elvies - GBSJam [Multiple Endings].gbc 256 kB
Days Without - Elvies [More Endings].gbc 256 kB


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Damn fun game! Loved the art, hope to see more like it!

survival ! Give me more. ^^ thank you ! 

Code source ( gb studio file is aviable?)please. 



This is a neat distillation of survival horror onto the Game Boy platform.

It’s a great implementation with an interesting bit of story and fun mechanics.

Stand-out Features

The gameplay works well on the system and despite the narrow scope of the project, it’s surprisingly well balanced for casual play.

It felt tense as I used up my shotgun ammunition and had to approach the gas station with just a pistol!


The player speed is a little slow, it can make the navigation / exploration unnecessarily tedious.

The weapon ‘swap’ mechanic seemed to be bugged, I had to draw my weapon, then holster it before I could switch.

Finished playing. The game doesn't have multiple endings does it? My poor friend.

due to the time limit I havent implemented it yet. maybe after the jam ill look back into this game. thank u for playing

Yeah I understand. I certainly hope to see more of this game. Thanks for the effort.


i just made it with multiple endings! got 4mins left lol. hopefully no major bugs this time

Wow! That is really nice. Will play it again. Hope you won the first prize!

thanks! not really eager but definitely hoping to atleast be top10 XD

I've made a walkthrough video about it. 

1. The shells mysterously became 4/4 after getting 4 from an enemy, whereas I previously had more than 20.

2. Interacting with the dog outside the gas station gives me two options (1) pet donut (2) pet buddy. And when I chose 1, it saves the game. Don't know if this is a word bug.

3. I can kill the BOSS when I didn't trigger the dialogue "what the f--". It escaped to the last room, but ran out again. Had to fight it again.

Finally another game from you! Love it as always.

Two problem occur:

1. While playing in browers, pressing interactive on the street to get to the gas station will immediately send me back to the street. So no way to continue the game.

2. Shells for shotgun will reduce to 4 in some occasions. I had 24!

Anyways, still a good game. I will continue to play on a gameboy emulator later.

OMG Thank you for finding the street bug! Ill fix it now and reupload the build. I still have time to edit! Thanks!How and when does the 2nd bug occur?

I'm not sure if problem 1 is just me or indeed a browser bug. As for problem 2, it happens when I gain 4 more shells after already having 24 shells (got from enemies and bought from monsters). Then suddenly, my shells become 4/4.


This has a great visual style