A fan demake of Firith Studios Goodgis' Dewdrop Dynasty Demo. Experience the successfully kickstarted metroidvania as if it were released back in 1998!


This is a free fan project allowed by Goodgis, the Master himself. Please support the original Dewdrop Dynasty on Steam.

This demake is FREE, but if you want, please consider supporting me and my future projects by contributing to them or by following me here and on my game dev socials.


FunctionKeyboard [Web]Consoles [GBC]
Interact [Talk]W / Up Arrow KeyDirectional Button [UP]
MovementA, S / Left and Right Arrow KeysDirectional Button [LEFT]
Directional Button [RIGHT]
Confirm Selections
K, Z and [Spacebar]A Button
Shoot [with Gun]X, JB Button
InventoryI, EnterStart Button
MapL, ShiftSelect Button
Shoot Upward[HOLD Up + Shoot][HOLD Up + Shoot]
Gun Jump[Double tap Jump][Double tap Jump]
Reload Gun[Shoot Button when no Ammo][Shoot Button when no Ammo]
Roll [I-Frames][HOLD Down + Jump][HOLD Down + Jump]
Crawl [Upgrade]Interact ButtonInteract Button

What's different?

Featuring Sound Effects and Music catered for the GameBoy by:

Special Thanks to:

Made with GB Studio by Chris Maltby

Updated 7 days ago
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Action
Tags2D, Demake, Game Boy, gameboy-color, Game Boy ROM, gb-studio, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Singleplayer


Dewdrop Dynasty Demo Demake Demo.gbc 1 MB
Dewdrop Dynasty Demo Demake Demo.pocket 1 MB


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Nice work. It reminds me your metroid demake. Could you release the code source for this one too please ?

This is a really tight game overall, I had a lot of fun even when I was just maneuvering around and exploring! Thanks for including my music as part of the project!

thanks!, im not a music guy so i appreciate the ones who can do it and ill gladly credit them if necessary. your music are a great addition in the gbs community


Good demake game. It claims as a demo but to me it's good as a complete game.

Wasn't expecting Hollow Knight cameo here but hints have been shown early on. It was fun nonetheless.

thanks! i just added the "demo" at the end so the DDDDDDs are longer XD

Dewdrop Dynasty Demo Demake Demo


Great demake! I really enjoy it :D

Nice work so far!

Great! Love it!


good game.

keep the good job :)

Nice! I think I'm stuck though. I beat the bull creature and gained the Spore Shroom but I can't talk to either of the two flashing creatures in the next room or in the room with the crystal blocking me from talking to the similar looking crystal thing beyond it. There are speak icons in both these rooms. I have only two of the three green symbols and can't figure out where to go from here. Is that the end of the demo or did I miss something? :P

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did u try shooting it? The last flare marker is obtained after the end boss, so youre not finished yet

Ah, I hadn't found and turned on the switch to lower the crystal blocking entrance to the other world yet! But, after beating all 3 bosses, on my first run I still had only two flare markers. :/ A glitch? Everything went well the second play through. There's a place where I can consistently fall through the floor into out of bounds in the final area. It's possible to jump out though. Just weird. Also, what's the deal with the broken device operated by the ticket company thing? Nice demake! Now I want to see the original. :)

U cant actually se the final marker as its obtained after the end boss aka the demo finishes. The device is broken in the original demo too so idk abt that lol. Keep in mind that my take on the game wont be in the original tho

great game but i dont know what to do after getting the gun/jump boost ? i just seem to go round the levels but still cant open some of the doors and get stuck in a loop of levels with the mini boss ,,, any tips ?

Did u check the map? U probably havent explored hard enough to find the hint


didnt know there was a map ! will fry again ...

That is an impressive work! I haven't played the original demo (but I'll download it to give it a shot), but this plays very well and has a nice feeling to it.

I'd say the save rooms are too far away apart xD And I feel the infinite jump is quite hard to pull off.
That being said, I think you have quite a neat game engine there. Congrats!

i just remade the demo so the save room being that far isnt my idea lol, the inf gun jumps are easier to pull in hardware devices if u use your fingers ala arcade machine controls

Yep, most of my gripes would fall on the original demo I guess! But yeah, I only tried to pull off the inifinite jump on an AZERTY-keyboard using Z and X, probably not the easiest thing to do ^^

i have never encountered diff keyboards apart from qwerty so I'm sorry if the controls arent quite optimized, I can suggest another trick on the GJumps, hold your jump on the last gjump then only reload when u need te extra jump, gives u a lil hang time then


Don't worry, I kinda get used to it playing itch.io games ^^ "XCVBN" are the same keys whether you are on a QWERTY or an AZERTY keyboard, I usually try to bind my games to those letters to make sure it is good for everybody. It does seem only French and Belgian people uses AZERTY keyboard, interesting.

Thanks for the tip for the infinite jump!


never played the original game    are you able to rapidly tap A and B to hover infinitely in the original version too? :0

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no, thats an exploit in this demake and a feature as well. you should try the original demo its free on steam


will do :)


Quite the impressive demake :)

eeey!! thanks!!


super nice. pretty and smoothly silly but not dumb... very very fast but not anguishing.

amazing is there a way to download it? Would love tu use a controller


Oh frck! I forgot to upload the rom file xD just a sec


thanks! You are very kind and talented