I am  not associated with Mercury Steam and Nintendo. Metroid and Metroid Dread is a property of Nintendo, this is a fan demake of the first 3-5 minutes of the game up to the first E.M.M.I. encounter. Please support the official title.

Made with GB Studio 2 beta 5. A submission on the https://itch.io/jam/port-a-game-to-the-gameboy jam [won 1st place on a technicality XD]

get every achievements using https://www.exophase.com/game/demo-homebrew-metroid-dread-retro/achievements/

Files include:

-A Game Boy Color Rom: [Free to download, played on an emulator or real hardware]

-Project Template folder: [Find out how I made the game by opening on GB Studio 2b5, use 'em all you like with CREDITS for the CUSTOM SPRITES, code/scripts. The only noteworthy thing I did there was the consistent knock back and the slide/morph ball mechanics, the rest is basic platform scripts.]


Assets can be used in non-commercial and commercial projects of any kind, excluding those relating to or containing non-fungible tokens ("NFT") or blockchain-related projects.
User may edit pack for their own game consistency / uniformity.
User may distribute asset pack site origin / link.
User may not resell asset pack original / edited otherwise.
Credit is not necessary, but very much appreciated.


Aim up W / UP UP
Exit Morph Ball W / UP UP
Enter Morph Ball[HOLD]  S / DOWN [HOLD] DOWN
Move A and D LEFT and RIGHT
SlideA and D + S / DOWNLEFT and RIGHT + DOWN
Shoot Beam / MissileJ or X B Button
Jump K or Z A Button
Cycle Beam / MissileL or C or SHIFT SELECT


I'm not continuing this game for legality reasons, so there may be bugs that break the game. If you want to support me on making games like this, please consider donating to my other projects or by simply following me on itch or twitter https://twitter.com/ELVIEStm, and giving me a comment on what to make next. Thank you, until the next game dev!


Metroid Dread Demake v1 [5mins Gameplay].gbc 256 kB
Project Template.zip 1 MB


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Very cool Idea! some glitchyness but a nice demake

Game is rough. While it's a game jam that's well over, if you were to continue it, I'd love to see better jump height control. Up + shoot doesn't always work as it should. Morphing into a ball isn't as easy and flawless as it should be. I can still shoot while in ball form.


Such a fun and cool demake. Keep up the great wok! 


Played it directly here :D

Idk what at the end but I loved it (2nd)

(2 edits)

Very nice.

I actually made a game like Metroid (but with no assets from, nor any references to Nintendo's franchise).

Tengo una pregunta el mismo juego de Metroid Dread se puede hacer también en otras consolas como la SNES o la GBA

sorry, but i believe this project is pretty much done atp. there are people remaking dread in other plaforms but I don't know if they will port it in those consoles. but the from .gbc can be read by gba so that's that. thank you


Hi. I know that this is an old game from you, but if you upgrade it, you can improve it by querying the location of the player and, depending on this, place an empty actor on the wall, in which the bullet hits, then the projectile will not go through on the wall. This is a really great transcript.

Hello, while yes this is a great idea it will eventually be taxing to the engine when you run into more enemies and bigger sprite bosses. Sadly the game wont be having updates now, thank you for the suggestion!


Thank you for the code source. I will donate when i can.


I enjoyed it but the camera shake too much.


Nicely done. The camera shake was a little bit too hard. All you needed was some sounds and music. Well done with the game mechanics


I salute you for making the source code of your game avalaible. I will check your others game to see if they came with it.

how fast until nintendo takes down this

Haha I hope not, you cant even call this a game atp

Que massa gostei. Elviss vai ter att de hollow knight ??

Hello, sorry but can you repeat that in english? im not sure i understand...

going from context. I assume they are asking you to remake hollow knight.

bit too buggy , cant work out how to fire a missile and cant easily roll when needed

Hi, thanks for trying out the demo, you have to switch your ammo by pressing select to switch to a missile, then your default bullet will change. Sliding is done by holding down while walking, continually holding down will turn morph ball on, so u need to let go of walking and do the sequence again to slide again. GB Studio [the engine I'm using]  doesn't have a very complex button config features as of 2b5, maybe in the 3.0 update it will be better.

the CU can't be killed it's costantly taking missiles in the face and doesn't die