An Unofficial free fan demake of Team Cherry's Ludum Dare 27 entry, Hungry Knight. Unofficially remade for the GameBoy Color.


I am in no way associated with Team Cherry, I am just a fan and an indie GB Studio Developer.

Hungry Knight is a property by Team Cherry. The original game can be found on

Team Cherry's entry for the Ludum Dare Game Jam 27!
Team Cherry: Rohan Fraser Ari Gibson William Pellen
The theme of this jam was 10 Seconds. So we present to you Hungry Knight, a determined little adventurer with a big appetite. Fight your way through a strange wasteland, keep yourself fed every ten seconds, and accomplish a miracle. Others may perish at your hand, but such is the remorselessness of this world.
A challenging action game. It's hard, but you can do it! Be brave.

This is a free unofficial fan project and a love letter to the "First born child". Please support Team Cherry and their official titles.

This Fan Game is free to play, but if you want, please consider supporting me and my future projects by contributing to my other projects or by following me on itch or twitter


Movement / Navigate MenuWASD or Arrow KeysDirectional Buttons
Attack / CancelX or KB Button
Dash / ConfirmZ or JA Button
Pause [Dad Mode Only]Enter or ShiftStart / Select


  • This is only the first build, as such there may be bugs in game [hehe]. Please report bugs here. I plan to add a Zote Mode, Myla Mode, and Hornet Mode soon.
  • 01-20-22 Added Myla Mode. [A simple reskin of the vanilla Hungry Knight starring Hollow Knight's sweet singing miner, Myla.]
  • 01-20-22 Added Zote Mode. [A similar mode but with Zote.]
  • 01-31-22 Added a .pocket rom for Analogue Pocket users. [This is an experimental port, let me know if something breaks.]
  • 02-02-22 Added a Dad Mode. [Based on Stizzl's Pale King Short] 
Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
GenreAction, Survival
Tagsanalogue-pocket, Demake, Game Boy, gb-studio, hollow-knight, hungry-knight, Pixel Art, Top-Down


Hungry Knight v2.gbc 256 kB
Hungry Knight v3.gbc 256 kB
Hungry Knight v2.pocket 256 kB
Hungry Knight v3.pocket 256 kB


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Nice! :D

how do you do start i dont know how to??

also heres a image if yall whant it

(1 edit)

you have to use an emulator i recommend mgba


Downloads - mGBA

(43) How to use mgba - YouTube

This demake rocks!!


Love seein' these pop up, great stuff.

i dont get the point 

you can put it on a gbc card and play it on real hardware