This is a submission to the Lost Cartridge Jam 4, as such, it is designed to be believable and feel like a vintage game,  that gives the impression of having been lost in a drawer for decades only to be rediscovered in the present day.

This is the "Story"
"Hey, call me Elvies. I was cleaning up the attic at my grandfather's, who worked at Nintendo and Konami back in the day and found this Game Boy Cart with a smudged / scratched-up sticker, as such, I cant clearly see its title.
I never got to play the Game Boy since I grew up in a poor family and always wondered how the game back then felt with pixelated graphics and crappy controls.
When I got back I tried it on a retro console my brother used to have but to no luck, it didn't work.
So now I've ripped the contents and found that the game was a tech demo for an unreleased Castlevania game! It got no music but has sfx, there were a lot of bugs and glitches, and only contains 1 level, but you can control 3 characters!!! This is like Castlevania III but on the Go!
I made a fan box art on what it could've looked like if it was released. I do not own any of the licenses here but game preservation is important so please enjoy!

Now wasn't that fun to imagine? XD The "tech demo" was made with GB Studio by Chris Maltby and all art assets are made from scratch by yours truly.

The box art image Michael Capay [Edited by yours truly XD]

SFX  by  Coffee Bat

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GenrePlatformer, Action
Tagscastlevania, demo, Fangame, Game Boy, Game Boy ROM, gb-studio, Horror, Pixel Art, Retro


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You seem familiar... did you make hollow knight demakes?

if you explore my projects here more, you can confirm that suspicion XD


Hard to believe Soma Cruz got his start in this cancelled game! Very interesting to learn ;)


right on! keep up the great work!