Augury Red Code is a short speed run based puzzle platformer based on my Submission for the Skittle's GB Studio Jam Special #2 Augury.


You play as a female android called C-1 as you platform your way out of ALS Tech Facility. Open locked doors and eliminate monster creatures known as BUGS to pave your path to the exit with the lowest time possible.

C-1's features [As stated in ALS Tech Infomercial]:

C-1 has a scythe as her primary weapon. She can attack with it when it is equipped and can be thrown to aid her as a platform. She cannot attack while the weapon is thrown, as she needs to recall and re-equip it first to do so.

There is a bug in C-1's system that poorly detects that the scythe has been thrown, but cannot be recalled. This can be prevented by her SYSTEM RESET function, allowing the  function to boot and read correctly.

C-1 is a very delicate android, please do not let her near acidic liquids nor spikes to avoid damage.

C-1 is a product of ALS Tech 2021

In order to experience C-1's full potential, ALS Tech has given her various upgrades in the form of LORE CARDS. Each sold separately.

Bugs and Glitches are inevitable with this revolutionary product. C-1 can eliminate them by attacking their source code and delete it from her system without a trace. Watch out for any signs of these rouge code.


ALS Tech monitors all C-1 and her owner activities to ensure safety amongst normal citizens who do not have the capacity to acquire C-1 and are afraid of its potentials. We at ALS Tech ensures your safety.

How to Control C-1:

Function: Keyboard Keys: Game Boy Buttons:
Move [Left/Right] A/D    or    
Interact [Objects/Talk]W         or    
Attack [Weapon is Equipped]J/Z 
Throw / Recall Weapon L/C 
SysReset [Reset Area] 

Developer's Notes:

  • The Collectibles LORE CARDS doesn't do anything besides decorations in this build, I will eventually figure out what to do with those.
  • There's also nothing at the end besides the speed run time, how low is yours when collecting all the useless lore cards?
  • More levels to come soon. [Help me make more intricate levels by donating, or do you want to collab on a level together? DM me for that!]

A big thanks to Yousurname from the GB Studio community for the scythe's "Projectile Platform" mechanic. Follow them at

BGMs are from under the CC0 and Public Domain Licenses.


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Augury Red Code.gbc 256 kB


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i am stuck at the level when there is acid and the tuxedo cat i dont know how to throw the blade on the acid

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Hi! Would it be possible to make the ROM available for download? And from the cutscene/tech demo/teaser too?

I ran into a bug where the scythe didn't reach me before I exited the room and then I wasn't able to use it in the following room (with the three circle platform and spikes on the bottom of the room).

Great game otherwise!


Thanks for trying the game, the bug is intentional, thats why the system reset is there. I might make it clearer in game to not confuse players


Hello dh4, thank you for trying the game. Can you elaborate on your problem? Was it the first scene after booting the game? Can you provide a screenshot?

no i got over the first scene page thing level idk thanks

Love the hatchet mechanic!

Hello Joel, I'm glad you like the mechanic! The weapon is a scythe, actually. I haven't decided on the mechanic "name" yet, but it's called "Projectile Platform" in the build.