An Unofficial free fan demake of the e3 demo of Team Cherry's Hollow Knight: Silk Song. A new way to experience another masterpiece! Unofficially remade on the GameBoy.


I am in no way associated with Team Cherry, I am just a fan and an indie GB Studio Developer.
Silk Song is a property by Team Cherry. This is a free unofficial fan project and a love letter to the eternal masterpiece. Please support Team Cherry and their official titles.
This Fan Game is free to play, but if you want, please consider supporting me and my future projects by contributing to my other projects or by following me on itch or twitter
Hello there! I'm once again remaking a masterpiece by the Higher Beings. I am using GB Studio by Chris Maltby as an engine to make this game.


Interact [Bench]W / UPUP
Taunt [Away from Bench]W / UPUP
Bind [Heal]S / DOWNDOWN
MoveA and DLEFT and RIGHT
Needle Strike [Attack]J or XB Button
JumpK or ZA Button
Use Tool / SkillL or C or SHIFTSELECT
Tool / Skill CycleI or ENTERSTART

Please read this before playing:

This game is different from the E3 Demo, and it has a lot of bugs.
  • GameBoy Color, Super GameBoy, GameBoy SP, GameBoy Advance OR ANY GB Emulators are required to play the roms. 
  • Like the previous demake, this build doesn't have the Pogo [Lunge] mechanic integrated in it, as well as upwards slashing.
  • Beautiful pixel art inspired by MS-DOS and PICO-8 styles.
  • No Rosary / Rosary Strings [Currency] yet.
  • No quests and crafting yet.
  • Added new / simpler tools accessed by pressing the Tool Cycle button and used by pressing the Skill / Tool use button [Dash, Needle Throw, Buzzsaw, Back Step]
  • Boss attack patterns are altered to fit GameBoy limitations.
  • Known bugs cause some mini bosses and or major bosses to stay on screen even after it has been killed. [They can still be a threat, so please restart your game and fight carefully next time.]
  • Other bugs sometimes stop the Player animations after certain tasks. [Exit and Re-enter area to reload animation frames.]
  • There's also a bug that the engine confuses the Player "Falling" instead of "On Ground" when standing on certain platforms. [There's no harm in it, except you cannot use ground skills/tools while on these platforms.]
  • There is an early easter egg in the game. [Do not leave the area, go right instead, and kill the enemy on the last room. You then return to the first room and find the easter egg has appeared.]

Special thanks to mossbag for letting me use his bug-sona in game as Lore Keeper, Mossbug. 

BGM and SFX credits are as follows;

Title [In Game]Track usedAuthorCopyright
Title ScreenThat was year 2014JAM, MonsterovichCC0, Public Domain
CutsceneApple of ApathySongerson, SGS Module 55CC0, Public Domain
Game Over ScreenThe Sad TruthKrümel [crumb], 0723CC0, Public Domain
Moss GrottoForestry ThedinosaurCC0, Public Domain
Moss Mother ThemeShort Loop 4Songerson, SGS Module 14CC0, Public Domain
Deep Docks Lava SFXKick Kick Kick CrashKrümel [crumb], 0723CC0, Public Domain
Deep Docks Elevator SFXFast Wind GustEmber1765[DeerTears]CC0, Public Domain
Room ArenaShort Loop 4Songerson, SGS Module 14CC0, Public Domain
Lace ThemeShort Loop 2Songerson, SGS Module 11CC0, Public Domain
Mask ShardSwing to VictoryKrümel [crumb], 0723CC0, Public Domain

Patch Notes for SilkSong Demake [V. 3]:

  • Fixed a bug that prevents player from attacking when transitioning to a different area.
  • Added a fully functional Lace Boss fight and an end game event.

Patch Notes for SilkSong Demake [V. 4]:

  • Fixed the BGM played when exiting Old Church area in Moss Grotto to proper BGM.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents the Player from releasing the Bell from silk bindings.

Patch Notes for SilkSong Demake [V. 5]:

  • Fixed the Mask Shard bug that prevents the Player from acquiring 4th Mask when healing.

Patch Notes for SilkSong Demake [V. 5.1]:

  • Added a "God Mode" that can be activated in-game [Locate Mossbug and talk to him to enable God Mode]
  • God Mode makes Hornet Invincible from normal enemy attacks, Bosses HP is halved, but they can still hurt Hornet, as well as environmental hazards.
  • God Mode is deactivated by interacting with the final bell in the last room in Deep Docks.
  • Added a .pocket rom for Analogue Pocket users [This particular port is experimental in GBS 2b5 so let me know if some things are breaking.]
Please support Team Cherry's original IP.
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